About the Show

Air Occupy helps to fill the enormous void created by the corporate media by providing an independent broadcast and netcast platform for in-depth consideration of economic, political, and social issues from an Occupy perspective and through the voice of Occupiers. Air Occupy fulfills what we believe to be a primary goal of the Occupy Wall Street movement: the need to inform the general public about often-times complex issues which affect their and society's well-being in a commercial-free zone free of corporate influence. Air Occupy covers broad-ranging topics of current relevance and concern, and many come directly from Occupy Wall Street's Declaration: money in politics, income inequality, student debt, greed, government and corporate corruption, discrimination, rights, environmental issues, and undue corporate influence in our lives. We rely on experts and activists for an in-depth look at the serious issues we confront, and we delve beyond the slogans, while avoiding sound bites, and partisanship.

Air Occupy also demonstrates to the general public that Occupy groups are having a positive impact in their communities as well as on our national dialogue and society as a whole. We publicize Occupy events (local, regional, and national), and we air Public Service Announcements. By engaging directly with the general public about Occupy on a commercial radio station (albeit without commercial interruption for our show), Air Occupy makes the movement accessible to everyone. In a country where the citizens often look askance at political participation, Air Occupy seeks to overcome the apathy and provide a voice for the people.

About the Hosts

All of the co-hosts of Air Occupy - Shannon, Liz, and Jerry - are founding members of Occupy Daytona Beach (ODB) and longtime activists involved in causes such as litigating civil rights cases for immigrants, lobbying for the change of drug policy laws, forming local organizations on homelessness, the foreclosure crisis, blight, and environmental degradation and volunteering in our communities and around the world with organizations such as National Lawyers' Guild, the ACLU, Drug Policy Alliance, the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, International Institute for Humanitarian Law, American Red Cross, Move to Amend, 350.org, Rebuild the Dream, and League of Women Voters.


Liz Myers

Liz Myers is a co-host of Air Occupy and a North Carolina native. Liz has a J.D. from the University of California, Davis School of Law and a B.A. in Biology and Religious Studies from the University of Virginia. She was President of NORML at UVa, and while living in Washington, D.C. after her undergraduate education, she formed a nonprofit, harm reduction organization. During law school, Liz was the co-chair of UC Davis's chapter of the National Lawyers' Guild. She was a member of a National Lawyers' Guild Human Rights Delegation to Haiti in April 2004. She was the Senior Symposium Editor of the U.C. Davis Law Review and her note was published in June 2004. She also interned at the International Institute for Humanitarian Law in San Remo, Italy and at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Hague, Netherlands. Liz served as a legislative intern with Drug Policy Alliance in Sacramento, CA. Following graduation, Liz volunteered with the Red Cross and practiced law in Sacramento, CA. She is a member of the California Bar. After living in South America for several years, Liz has been active in Occupy Daytona Beach since October 2011 and regularly participates in Occupy-related conference calls relating to Occupy Media, Occupy Cafe, and 2013 National Gathering planning.

Jerry Bolkcom

Jerry Bolkcom is a former partner of a Washington, D.C. law firm representing the financial services sector. He has over 20 years experience litigating complex commercial class actions involving insurance, re-insurance, and securities matters, as well as civil rights matters in numerous state and federal courts. His case Duane v. GEICO, 37 F.3d 1036 (1995), is still good law in the 4th Circuit Court of the United States, and it found that noncitizens have the same rights as citizens when seeking jobs, buying insurance, and obtaining loans to buy homes or vehicles. Jerry graduated Order of Coif from the University of Iowa, College of Law. He is a member of the District of Columbia and U.S. Supreme Court bars. Before occupying Daytona Beach and Tuscawilla Park, Jerry lived in South America.

Shannon McLeish

Shannon is an unlikely revolutionary specializing in confrontation avoidance - mother, activist, and planet lover and occasional candidate for public office. A self-employed writer and editor, she mainly works on academic journal articles and dissertations. An activist on environmental, economic, and social justice issues, she recently ran for public office, in part as a social statement, enabling and facilitating discussion on local issues of poverty, homelessness, blight, the plight of small business owners and the unemployed. Also highlighted in her campaign was the influence of money in politics, even at the local level. Though she was outspent about 10 to 1, she came close to winning the election because her message of community involvement and support resonated so deeply. Due to her advocacy and public stances on the environment, blight, the foreclosure crisis and bank fraud, and her support for at-risk populations, particularly the homeless, which has increasingly included veterans, formerly low-wage workers and lower income families, she was endorsed by the Sierra Club, the Volusia Flagler Environmental Action Committee, the Florida Democratic Veterans Caucus, and the Daytona Times, a newspaper produced by and for the Black community in Volusia County.