Keystone XL Pipeline Protest

Air Occupy went to Washington, D.C. the weekend of February 17th for the #NoKXL #ForwardOnClimate rally held by, the Sierra Club, and the Hip Hop Caucus to call on President Obama to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. For more information on why it's so important to stop the pipeline, visit the website. We'll probably post more on that later, too.

We interviewed as many people as we could for our show on Tuesday, February 19, a day after our return. Of 40,000 people who descended on the National Mall in freezing blustery weather, we interviewed about 80 of them. If you listen to our show from that event, you'll notice that an inordinate number of those we interviewed, people we just chose randomly as we walked around, had been directly and personally impacted by extractive mining, the pipeline, or climate change through cancer or other health concerns; lost, damaged, or polluted property; eminent domain, etc. What are the odds that so many of the small sampling of people we interviewed would be personally affected?

Regardless of the clear newsworthiness of so many people showing up to speak out about climate change, particularly given the most recent and deeply alarming reports from international science organizations, consider the wider implications of this. And yet, the President was not there, the mainstream national press - also mainly absent, providing only token stories that utterly failed to give voice to the pain and experiences of so many. The people's voices went unheard.

We believe it is the responsibility of media, just as it is of government, to serve the people, to serve society as a whole - to shed light on injustice and tell the story of the wronged and voiceless. We asked everyone we interviewed what they would say to the president if given the chance. Because we were so moved by what we heard, we decided to compile those clips and send them to President Obama.

For the next couple of weeks, if you'd like to submit a recorded comment or a picture from the event, or artwork, that you'd like us to send, please email it to us at or post a YouTube and send us the link. You can post links on our Facebook page (Like us! We'd love it!) or tweet us @AirOccupy.

In the meantime, we'll start posting some of your comments, pictures, and art here, on this page as we do our part to participate in the People's Mic. As it says in the picture Liz took on February 17 at the protest: ONE EARTH - ONE PEOPLE - ONE HEARTBEAT....